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A Critical Resource at a Vulnerable Time

In 1995, I founded DivorceSource, the country's only consulting firm specializing in the practical issues of divorce. My own divorce from a prominent matrimonial attorney convinced me that there were inadequate resources for divorcing persons who needed practical yet personalized advice and information to help them through this complex, often daunting, process. Based on my own experience, I developed an intensive divorce-education curriculum and a database of resources, and began offering one-on-one consultations.

My mission is to offer a place to make rational and beneficial decisions at a vulnerable time in your life. Divorce is an emotional, confusing process for all parties involved. Decisions made during this stressful time will affect the rest of your life. Learning to navigate your way through this complex process will enable you to establish a new future, and protect your health, lifestyle and financial assets. When children are involved, the divorce process is even more complex and the outcome more crucial.

Please call Margery Rubin at 212-725-3630, for a brochure titled:

"Five Critical Questions... When Considering A Divorce"



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