Frequently Asked Questions

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative and increasingly popular method for resolving divorce issues that seeks to help you and your spouse negotiate an agreement together without employing opposing attorneys. It involves sessions with a trained negotiator who familiarizes him - or herself with the case, then helps you create a divorce agreement.

What constitutes separate property?

Separate property typically consists of all property acquired before the marriage and all property acquired after the marriage by gift (except from your spouse), inheritance, or as compensation for personal injuries.

How is marital property defined?

Since New York courts view marriage as a partnership, any asset accumulated during the marriage is presumed marital property.

What is the legal definition of shared custody?

Shared custody means that both parents have a legal responsibility for raising the child and making decisions about his or her education, health care, and general welfare.

What The Experts Have To Say

Prominent matrimonial lawyers offer this advice to new clients:

From an article titled “The Deans of Divorce,” in Avenue Magazine.

“Be responsible for the outcome by analyzing what you want up front so you can set realistic goals.  They shouldn’t sit back and let their lawyer or the other lawyer lead them around.  A client should understand the options, the risk-reward percentages and the probable outcome of the case.”

Peter E. Bronstein
Bronstein Van Veen LLC

“Put an exit plan in place before you say you want a divorce.  Do your homework.  Get your ducks in order, but be discreet.”

Harriet Newman Cohen
Cohen, Rabin, Stine & Schumann

“People who do best are those who see the divorce in terms of grand games or are very goal-oriented.”

Raoul Lionel Felder
Raoul Lionel Felder P.C.