How I Help:

DivorceSource is designed to help you understand your rights in ending the marriage and to guide you through this complicated, unfamiliar process.  Well meaning friends and family don't have the personal experience or objectivity to provide practical, focused advice.  Preparation and education are your protection against a court system that has a language of its own and procedures that intimidate.

DivorceSource offers guidance through the various stages of divorce.  My cost-effective methods help you establish a course of action and provide tools and resources that save you time and money.  I offer useful information on how to interview and choose a lawyer, understand legal procedures and vocabulary and how to locate and organize your financial records.  I help you evaluate your situation, clarify what you want and get you what you are entitled to.  Once we set realistic goals, together we can develop a strategy of negotiation.  All of this is designed to increase your self confidence and put you considerably more in control of the outcome. 

My work is entirely confidential.  It is cost-effective.  I can help you come through the entire process with better control, less emotion and more financial  security. 

Important Issues to Deal With:

  • Interview and choose a divorce lawyer
    •  Your attorney and your relationship with your attorney can be a make-or-break factor 
  • Clarify what you want from the divorce
    • Based on your wants and needs develop a negotiation strategy.
  • Locate and organize your financial records
    •  Create a net worth statement and monthly budget
  • Understand legal practices
    •   Deal with the filing process, depositions, temporary support provisions and equitable distribution
  • Determine if mediation or collaborative divorce is appropriate for your situation
    • Learn the simple facts about their advantages and disadvantages
  • Make sense of the vocabulary of divorce law
    • Make sure you understand the common legal terms used in divorce.